Taiwan Bear House Bento Boxes


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You know a food culture is a good one when their bento boxes are a thing. Taiwan’s food scene is already pretty famous, so it’s not surprising that their bento box culture is held in the same high regard. The bentos were brought over from Japan, and similarly you can buy these tasty, high quality lunch boxes at train stations and at convenience stores like 7-Eleven. If only we had that option at our 7-Elevens…instead of those sketchy taquitos and hot dogs.

The Taiwanese bento box hasn’t quite caught on in NYC, but now you can get your fix at Taiwan Bear House in Chinatown. The foundation of each bento is the same–a bed of rice with a little minced pork, a marinated boiled egg and some cooked veggies on top. This by itself is sufficient for a satisfying meal, but it’s hard to say no to the crispy night market fried chicken, an option you’ll be glad you didn’t resist. Bonus points if you get a side of bubble tea to be really Asian.

Taiwan Bear House
11 Pell St (between Bowery and Doyers St)
New York, NY 10013
(212) 346-9050

A Day in LIC: PS1 and Casa Enrique

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One of the best parts about summer is being outside, and my favorite seasonal activity is attending Moma PS1’s Warm Up dance party. Warm Up is held every Saturday in the summer and features experimental music and DJs. Guests can drink and mingle in the outdoor courtyard, and the price of admission also includes access to the modern art exhibit inside. The party gets better towards the end of the day, where people start getting a little more buzzed and a little more into the music, and the courtyard turns into a huge dance floor.Read More

Greenpoint Fish and Lobster

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There aren’t a lot of places in the city where you can buy fish varieties outside of salmon, tuna or cod. When you walk into a Whole Foods, that’s really the core of their seafood selection. I remember enjoying a really nice filet of bluefish at Okonomi for breakfast, and I wanted to recreate the meal at home, but I couldn’t find bluefish anywhere. There are restaurants here and there that offer it on their menu, but not for sale direct to the consumer. Greenpoint Fish & Lobster Co addresses this gap by offering a variety of high quality, responsibly sourced seafood for sale at its fish market, which focuses on domestic and wild caught seafood. On a recent visit, we saw that elusive blue fish for sale at a very reasonable $10.99 a pound, plus other interesting options like golden tile, wild fluke and wild pollock. Greenpoint is pretty lucky to have a store like this.Read More

Untitled at The Whitney

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You come to the museum for the culture, not for the food. For every stunning exhibit with a Picasso or a Pollock there is a homely cafe out back peddling soups and sandwiches. But not at Untitled, the new restaurant at The Whitney, a place that is so attractive and inviting that you might actually come to the museum for the food and not the other way around. The open, glass-enclosed space gets so much natural light that any sort of vitamin D deficiency or episode of SADS will be remedied right away. You’ll like being here, and the staff, trained in the Danny Meyer school of hospitality, will do their best to make you feel that way. With everyone in such high spirits, there’s no way you can’t do a little day drinking here. And you should, because they make a mean Bloody Mary at the bar.Read More

Shuko Sushi Kaiseki

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You might describe a sushi omakase as luxurious, long and expensive, but rarely is it ever fun. At Shuko, sitting through 29 courses of the sushi kaiseki is the most fun you’ll ever have. With rap music blaring on the background, the friendly staff plying you with drinks, and the sushi chefs answering questions like, “what’s your guilty pleasure?”, there’s no way you won’t have a good time. Read More