Le Coucou Late Night


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There are few restaurants that I would stay up so late for. A 9 pm seating is my limit, and after that, I’ll move on and revisit once the hype has died down. But like the desperate girl who can’t play it cool when she’s finally invited to a party, I caved to the pressure and made an exception for a 10:30 reservation at Le Coucou. There was a little thought behind this, though. First of all, Ruoxi’s birthday was at midnight, so we would need to do some sort of big, late night blowout celebration anyway. Also, my friend Eugenia from Hong Kong was in town, and she was already going to be jet lagged, so why not shake it off by staying up as late as possible? All good reasons for me to bite the bullet on a super late dinner reservation.Read More


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Battersby is one of those esteemed Brooklyn institutions like Franny’s and Al Di La that everyone should go to at some point. It’s now overshadowed by newer and trendier Brooklyn restaurants like Lilia, Maison Premiere or Roberta’s, but this classic has staying power. Over the summer, some of our friends moved to Cobble Hill, which gave us an excuse to finally try Battersby. We called ahead, expecting some sort of egregious wait, but it was only about half an hour for a table outside. I suppose the crowds were a little thin due to the summer holidays and the fact that this restaurant’s moment had passed, but in my opinion, all those chasing the next big thing were missing out.

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Sushi on Jones $50 Omakase

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What are you willing to do for cheap sushi? That’s a relative term, so to be clear, I’m not talking about sushi you get from a market or an average take-out place, I’m talking about freshly caught, high quality fish comparable to that served in a good restaurant. Would you be willing to give up good service, as long as the food comes out in a timely manner? Never mind the high strung host whose nerves seem to be getting the best of him from the moment you arrive and who keeps reminding you that you were 5 minutes late and were ruining their overwhelming operations of serving 4 other people. Or the fact that the same host with the stanky attitude who never offered you water and wanted you to leave as quickly as possible tried to upsell you on a $12 hand roll that you could take to go? What about your physical comfort? Are you okay with sitting outdoors on a small stool? It’s only 30 minutes, so not a big deal, right? This is how they do it at the Tokyo train station and the Tsukiji fish market! And speaking of 30 minutes, is this brevity something you can live with? It might even be quicker than that, maybe 25 minutes, I Dream of Jiro style, even though this is no Jiro, but as long as the sushi is tasty, it’s all good, right? You only paid $50 (only?) for such 12 premium pieces, what a steal!Read More

Nom Wah Nolita

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I love eating dumplings and scallion pancakes, but I don’t love going to Chinatown. And I love it even less if I have to wait in line for them. Which is why I could never bring myself to do dim sum at Nom Wah Tea Parlor, the historic Chinese restaurant that seems to be perennially mobbed during the weekend. I’d rather get seated quickly at my reliable standby Dim Sum Go Go. Which is quite good, by the way. Traditionalists will beg to differ.Read More

Brunch at Reynard

dining room at reynard
dining room at reynard

Hotel restaurants are not my first choice for having brunch. Brunch needs to be in a place that has some character with a lot of locals mingling about, and the somewhat staid environment of a hotel lobby doesn’t really offer that. I would, however, make an exception for Reynard, the restaurant at the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg. When you enter, you do feel like you are entering a very corporate version of what a nice Victorian-themed bar and restaurant should be like, and you wonder if you’ll find people wearing flannel shirts and raw denim jeans eating good old Americana-themed dishes like bacon-fat brussels sprouts or flap jacks.Read More