King, a British Bistro in Soho

king, a pretty addition to soho
king, a pretty addition to soho

Soho is known for its shops but not necessarily for its restaurants. You usually have to walk to Nolita or the West Village for the good stuff. Which was why it was exciting to hear that a bistro with European sensibilities called King was opening in the area. The credentials of the chefs and manager, all of whom spent their time at some of London’s best restaurants like The River Cafe and Clove Club, were also impressive. You knew they had a hit on their hands.Read More

Charleston, SC Food Trip

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street scenes of charleston at night

A food itinerary for Charleston, SC will undoubtedly involve checking the box on regional specialties like shrimp and grits, biscuits, she-crab soup and other Southern comfort foods. These are hearty dishes with punchy flavors and a lot of eye-catching creamy sauces and butter. While it may be tempting to gorge on one gut-bomb spectacle after another–because when else will you get to eat a Charleston Nasty fried chicken sandwich??–you should save some room for more low-key but no less delicious restaurants. Charleston is good at all types of food, and some of your best meals will be eating a really solid sandwich or a plate of meatballs, which may be something you can get anywhere, but they probably won’t make ’em as good as they do here.Read More

Chumley’s Old-School Glamour

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If you want to travel back in time to old New York, the kind that lives in movies and books like The Great Gatsby and Inside Llewyn Davis, then pay a visit to Chumley’s, a historic speakeasy and pub on 86 Bedford St. You might miss the unmarked entrance, a detail from its Prohibition Era origins, but once you find it and open the door, you won’t need a secret password, just a reservation. The reservation is essential, as demand for a table is extremely high, given that the restaurant has finally reopened after nearly a decade-long renovation. “We don’t like breaking hearts” is how the hostess will turn you away if you attempt to do the walk-in.Read More

Ichiran Ramen

flavor concentration booth for one
flavor concentration booth for one

Remember the world in the movie Her, where people walked around blissfully by themselves in their high-waisted pants talking to their operating systems? Had they been born centuries earlier, perhaps they would have frequented Ichiran Ramen, the new restaurant in Bushwick famous for its solitary ramen experience. Customers sit in solo “flavor concentration” booths designed to totally automate the whole ramen ordering and eating experience so that human interaction is unnecessary. There’s an order form that lets you check off how you want your broth and noodles, and all you have to do is slide it across the table, where a faceless server will pick it up for processing. If you have any questions about how different options will affect your ramen flavors, there are detailed flyers hanging in your booth that will explain all of that. And if you want some extra water, all you have to do is press a button and show a card that writes out what you want.Read More

Faun, Another Brooklyn Farm-to-Table Restaurant

Brooklyn, Brooklyn. The farm-to-table gift that keeps giving. The list of charming, neighborhood restaurants serving solid seasonal classics in a nice outdoor courtyard keeps growing. The newest addition is Faun in Prospect Park, run by the former executive chef of Vinegar Hill House. The menu is very edited and skews mostly Italian, but it’s a little more cerebral than your typical tagliatelle and wood-fire oven pizza. There are exotic pastas like quadrucci and mezze maniche that I have never heard of making their debuts here. And meats are a little more wild and adventurous, things like squab and boar are roasting and braising in the nearby kitchen. Maybe that’s how the name Faun plays in. The restaurant is in a familiar neck of the woods, but the food that pops out is a little more interesting and unusual like the mythical creature itself.

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tripe, ‘nduja, parmesan, poached egg

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