abcV = very expensive vegetables

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All you need to know about abcV, the new vegetable-driven restaurant in Jean-Georges’ abc empire, is that they make their fresh organic juices with a Juicero machine and charge $15 for one. It serves overpriced vegetarian meals packaged as some sort of revolutionary “cultural shift towards plant based intelligence” (this is from their website) but really, like the Juicero machine, you’re paying mostly for the pretty packaging.

stone fruits, farmer’s cheese, poppy, basil, serrano

Of all the things that we tried, I can honestly say that I really legitimately liked only one of them, and that happened to be the wok fried ramen noodle. The noodles were nicely coated in seasonings and oils in the manner of tasty yaki soba noodles but without the heaviness that follows. I would order these again, although I wish more noodles were on the plate.

green chickpea hummus with fresh pita and crudites
pine nut and lemon, harissa and dried apricot with fresh pita

In general, portions are very small for the price you pay. The green chickpea hummus came with a side of a meager pita that was even more downsized when it was cut in fourths. For $15 I would at least want my single pita to be normally sized. But I guess I’m paying for some behind-the-scenes abc vegetable health magic that I’m not appreciating, or maybe I’m paying for the Juicero machine. And no, the hummus was not that amazing, I’d much prefer the one at Dizengoff at Chelsea Market. The pine nut and harissa was a better dip, but again, I’d have to deduct points for the small size and the tiny pita that came with it as well.

fried wild rice, summer vegetables, fermented carrot and turmeric
warm crimini and chanterelle mushrooms with sherry vinegar and tarragon roasted sweet onions

We did anticipate that the vegetable dishes might leave us feeling hungry, so we asked our server to point out the more substantive entrees. She recommended the warm crimini and chanterelle mushrooms, which I guess were more substantive compared to chickpeas, but it’s all relative. We had similar expectations from the fried wild rice, which I thought would be somewhat close to the goodness that is Chinese fried rice, but that wasn’t the case at all.

the juicero fleet

So if a meal at abcV is in the cards, know what you’re getting into. The surroundings are attractive, and you’ll rub elbow with celebrities like Lucy Liu and Tilda Swindon, but you’ll pay a pretty penny for it. Those dollars are going towards the Juicero machines. And the food isn’t good enough or big enough to make you feel like you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

38 E. 19th St (between Broadway and Park Ave S)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 475-5829

3 thoughts on “abcV = very expensive vegetables

  1. As a vegetarian i was initially very excited about this restaurant and i actually went for breakfast not long after they opened. But yeah, the $7 toast and $10 kombucha are rediculous.
    I had the vanilla chia bowl which was actually very good, as well as the green juuce which i hoped would be mind blowing at that price and it was good but nothing better than what i make.
    But i don’t need to return on my own dime, i would rather go to Nix or by chloe.
    Incidentally Juicero is going out of business so that will impact the menu

    1. My vegetarian friend also said that Nix was better and not as expensive, so I’ll have to go there and compare the two! I also think people are catching on to abcv and how it’s not that great considering the prices…tables are definitely easier to get.

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