Bluth Banana Stand!

bluth banana stand in times square!
bluth banana stand in times square! where’s george michael??

George Michael, your banana stand has come a long way since it burned down in the fire! Glad that I was able to pay a visit since this is the stand’s last day in NYC. You can still grab a free chocolate covered frozen banana today, the stand closes at 5 pm! Head to Times Square on 45th/46th St. and 7th Ave, you’ll see a long line of eager fans circling the TKTS booth. There’ll be a 35 minute wait, but George Michael’s bananas came all the way from Orange County, CA to see you!!

bluth's frozen banana
nice packaging from the Bluths
me and bluth's frozen banana
me and the frozen banana–tastes like what you’d expect. simple and straightforward, just like george michael