Brunch at Olmsted in Prospect Heights

I was a big fan of the farm-to-table cooking at Olmsted, and while I always wanted to go back, getting a table was impossible. But now the restaurant is open for brunch service, and you can actually get a seating at normal hours. So off I went to see how Olmsted would approach the question of how do you like your eggs…

As expected, Olmsted is not the type of restaurant that will cook your eggs in the way you traditionally know how, scrambled, over-easy, etc. What it will do is serve them in egg rolls with smoked bacon and cheddar, arranged playfully in a whimsical take-out container. Good things usually come in take-out packages, and this certainly applied to the delicious egg rolls at Olmsted.

The thing about brunch, though, is that you usually just want a place of pancakes and eggs. You don’t necessarily need to be challenged or charmed by the food on your plate. So while I thought the food was very good at Olmsted’s brunch, I didn’t love the whimsy involved with every single dish. I wanted my burger to be a burger, not a small Egg McMuffin looking thing. And I wanted the duck sausage and egg to be a more literal interpretation, not this tiny and exotic scramble of peppers and cilantro.

Olmsted got to where it is today because it thinks outside the box, but this works better for the evening meal, where you’re in a more cerebral mood. On a Saturday morning? Not so much. This is my day off, and the last thing I want to do is too think too hard, and Olmsted overthinks it.

659 Vanderbilt Ave (between Park Pl and Prospect Pl)
Brooklyn, NY 11238
(718) 552-2610

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