A Weekend in Mexico City

a vivid mural on display at chapultepec castle
the palacio de bellas artes

With a burgeoning food scene, good weather, and a density of museums that surpass New York and Paris’, Mexico City is really having a moment as a must-see travel destination. Its huge size and urban sprawl makes its layout similar to Los Angeles’, where a car is necessary for travel and maddening traffic is par for course. Plan on visiting several spots in one neighborhood rather than jamming everything into a day. Culture buffs will love the historic charm of Centro Historico, the well-heeled will feel right at home in Polanco and Condesa, the romantics will love San Angel, and the hipsters can hang in Roma Norte. The following weekend itinerary is very food-driven, but there’s enough cultural detours and plenty of walking involved to help you work off those tacos and churros.Read More

Lunch at Quintonil in Mexico City

embarking on a long and leisurely lunch at quintonil

I left the fate of my lunch at Quintonil in the hands of my friends Alejandro and Liz, two Mexico City insiders who I was confident would steer me towards the right dishes. While the menu was in English, there were too many unfamiliar Spanish words highlighted in quotations that I just didn’t recognize. Terms like “escamoles”, “cuitlacoche” and “cegueza” were beyond my scope of “tortilla”, “mole” and “tacos”. So rather than try to translate everything, I let the locals do their job while I nursed my lovely avocado mezcal cocktail.Read More

Dinner at Pujol, Mexico’s Top Restaurant

breaking the seal on our dinner menu at pujol

The excitement is palpable outside the doors of Pujol. A crowd of diners, mostly foreigners, are patiently waiting the first dinner seating at 6:30 pm. Most have probably seen the profile of Chef Enrique Olvera on Netflix’s Chef’s Table and are undoubtedly excited to experience his cooking in the flesh, thus subjecting themselves to an ungodly early hour for dinner by Mexican standards. These are the things you have to put up with for a seat at a restaurant that is ranked No. 25 on the Top 50 San Pellegrino list.

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A Perfect Day in Barcelona, Spain

one of the many gaudi buildings in barcelona
views of barcelona from park guell
buildings from the barri gotic or gothic quarter
picasso mocking miro on a building in barri gotic

A trip to Barcelona, Spain will involve good food, the beach, a little shopping, and lots and lots of Gaudi, the architect whose style of Catalan modernism can be seen everywhere in the city. A weekend is nowhere nearly enough to see all that Barcelona has to offer, but if you need to pack it in a day, the guide below narrows it down to the essentials.Read More

Michelin Moments in Costa Brava at Restaurant Miramar

miramar, a 2 michelin star restaurant in llanca, spain

A trip to Costa Brava should not be rushed. Physically, it’s impossible – the village roads are much too narrow or your car might get stuck in several tight corners.  And though the sights are few, what they lack in quantity they make up in sheer substance. Just getting through the first floor of the Dali Theatre-Museum is exhausting – there’s whimsy in nearly every corner, and then you realize you’re not even halfway through it. Leave the type A, cram-it-in mentality at home and just focus on taking in a few things, or maybe even nothing, one day at a time.Read More