La Chèvre d’Or Restaurant in Eze, France

La Chèvre d’Or, the flagship two Michelin star restaurant of Château de la Chèvre d’Or, a lovely Relais and Chateaux estate in the beautiful mountain town of Eze, is the type of place that serves a customer for whom price is no object. Immediately upon seating, the servers will place a small spoon next to your plate, because ordering caviar here is the norm, not the exception. A champagne cart will follow, as will a look of surprise if you decline a glass. If you are a woman dining with a man, you will be given a menu without the prices since it is presumed that the fairer sex would not be settling the bill. Not surprising at all given that Eze is in the posh part of the French Riviera, where its nearest island neighbor St Jean-Cap-Ferrat has bragging rights to being the second most expensive place to a buy a home in the worldRead More

Mirazur Restaurant in Menton, France

mirazur in menton, france

Menton is a third-tier city in the French Riviera that gets passed over in favor of its glitzier neighbors. But its one claim to fame is the fact that it is home to Mirazur, a two Michelin star restaurant that is apparently the 4th best restaurant in the world, according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Cannes may have better looking people and beaches, but money can’t buy you a restaurant of this stature and class.Read More

A Weekend in Vancouver

the beautiful vancouver shoreline and skyline

As part of the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver is known for its natural landscapes and outdoor activities. When the weather is nice, a run or stroll through Stanley Park is par for course, while during the winter season, people flock to nearby resort town Whistler for some world class skiing. But something else Vancouver has going for it is its ethnic diversity. There’s a very sizeable Asian population in the city–nearly 43% of residents are of Asian heritage–and they’ve brought the flavors of their local cuisines with them. A high quality avocado toast is just as easy to come by as an excellent plate of dumplings. The access to great food on a global level is what makes Vancouver one of my favorite cities to visit. If you find yourself there for a few days wondering where you should eat, the food recommendations below will give you a sense of Vancouver’s globe trotting nature.Read More

A Weekend in the Catskills

welcome to the catskills

When the rooster’s crow is your alarm clock, and your yoga studio is outdoors with a stunning mountain skyline, that’s how you know you’ve escaped the city for a weekend getaway to the Catskills. This upstate oasis is about a 2.5-3 hour drive from the city, but once you’re there you’ll feel like you’re worlds away. For starters, cell reception is nonexistent in many areas, so you can truly be off the grid. But if you’re afraid that you’ll be a little too isolated, rest assured that you will run into many New Yorkers, a lot of them from Brooklyn, while hiking along the trail or having dinner at a locally sourced restaurant. In fact, it seems like the Catskills are where young Brooklynites go to retire, trading in their 9-to-5 for a sustainable farm or a charming bed and breakfast. And who knows, after spending a few days here and getting that mountain air glow, you may just join them.Read More

A Weekend in Mexico City

a vivid mural on display at chapultepec castle
the palacio de bellas artes

With a burgeoning food scene, good weather, and a density of museums that surpass New York and Paris’, Mexico City is really having a moment as a must-see travel destination. Its huge size and urban sprawl makes its layout similar to Los Angeles’, where a car is necessary for travel and maddening traffic is par for course. Plan on visiting several spots in one neighborhood rather than jamming everything into a day. Culture buffs will love the historic charm of Centro Historico, the well-heeled will feel right at home in Polanco and Condesa, the romantics will love San Angel, and the hipsters can hang in Roma Norte. The following weekend itinerary is very food-driven, but there’s enough cultural detours and plenty of walking involved to help you work off those tacos and churros.Read More