Omakase Room by Maaser

wagyu beef and truffle (very good)

Those of you who know me know that I love a good omakase, especially when it is under $100. While the price points of omakase meals keep creeping north of $300+, I do stumble on new sub $100 places every few months. Omakase Room by Maaser is my latest find, a sushi restaurant in the West Village that was opened by Sushi Seki and Sushi by Bou vets in 2019. The 12 course omakase will run you $95 per person, while 17 courses will run you $135. I would advise you to stick with the $95 option and then order any extra pieces you like a la carte at the end. You can essentially tailor your own 17 course omakase with pieces that you would actually like, which is important, because not everything is created equal here.

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Mena in Tribeca

I feel like every few years there’s a shift in countries that start influencing the flavor profiles in high-end restaurant. There was the stripped down Nordic wave that proliferated in the early aughts, and recently Korean food has been having a moment. But now I think Latin America might be due for its moment. I’ve seen the potential in the cuisine at Mena, a new restaurant in Tribeca run by Victoria Blamey, who draws from her Chilean background, as well as from her experience working in different kitchens around the world.

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Marian’s in West Village

To eat at Marian’s is to live the West Village dream. The dining room evokes a charming townhouse owned by a stylish socialite, one with a fondness for robin blue hues and vintage pillows that are reminiscent of Gucci. It’s definitely a rich lady vibe. In fact, I just looked up the restaurant on Google Maps and found that Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment was nearby, which proves my point. Marian’s now serves brunch, so what a way for well-heeled women to be drinking mimosas on a Saturday.

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Shiki Omakase in Soho

uni with truffle

I always look forward to a sushi omakase, but the meal doesn’t come cheap. A new sushi bar seems to open in New York City at least every quarter, and the prices keep going up. For instance, the latest entrant to the high-end sushi scene is Yoshino, which prices its omakase at $400 per person. So I was super excited and curious when I passed by the signage for Shiki Omakase, a new sushi restaurant in Soho that offers a $65 omakase. It practically seems like a steal in comparison to so many other places. I had to try it, and the fact that it was byob was even more motivation, so off I went for lunch one day.

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Onjium at Genesis House in Meatpacking

There’s something about car dealerships I just don’t like. Seeing a sexy sportscar in the middle of the room is not very exciting to me, and who really wants to test drive something in the annoying streets of New York City? But Genesis House, the name of the new showroom for the luxury car brand in Meatpacking, is one that I would willingly return to. Similar to Lexus’s Intersect showroom not too far away, Genesis House is more of an experiential studio in which visitors can immerse themselves in all sorts of activities. On the ground floor is the car showroom, and on the second floor is Onjium, a high-end Korean restaurant, as well as a lovely reading area and a small home furnishings display. Korean culture is the thing that ties everything together, as Genesis is a luxury offshoot of Hyundai, and Onjium is a Michelin-star restaurant based in Seoul. While the ground floor is impressive, and I do have my eye on the G80 SUV, Onjium on the second floor is more my cup of tea.

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