Dante at Genuine in Little Italy

dante at genuine

Despite the name, Little Italy has never been known for its Italian food. There are plenty of red sauce tourist traps that line the streets, but actually eating at one results in disappointment. Which is why I was excited to hear about Dante’s residency at Genuine on the corner of Mulberry and Grand. Dante is a neighborhood favorite in Greenwich Village that is known for its $10 “Negroni Sessions” happy hour and solid Italian cuisine. My go-to meal there is always a glass of the Americano cocktail and a plate of the wild boar ragu pappardelle.

negroni fountain, don’t help yourself to seconds!
cocktails and bar snacks

In its new residency, Dante continues its $10 cocktail happy hour tradition and operates a negroni fountain from which you can serve yourself (note that this doesn’t mean unlimited refills, which is how the party next to us interpreted it, unfortunately, resulting in an ugly confrontation when the check came).

burrata, crushed spring peas, basil oil, affilla cress, toasted rye
soft shell crab, cabbage and herb salad, yogurt tartare
pappardelle, wild boar ragu, red wine, tomato, parmigiano

The menu also includes the selection of the greatest hits from the Greenwich location. The popular wild boar ragu pappardelle makes the cut, although it’s not quite the same as eating the one at Greenwich, while nothing gets lost in translation with the excellent burrata with crushed spring peas. Cap off the meal with the¬†creamy tiramisu, which gets served tableside much to the neighboring diners’ delight and envy. Cheers to Dante for taking back Little Italy from the tourists and making it great again.

Dante at Genuine
191 Grand Street (between Mulberry and Mott St)
New York, NY 10013
(646) 726-4633


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