Davelle, All-Day Japanese Cafe in LES

davelle, all-day cafe

Davelle, an all-day Japanese cafe in the LES, is a small and cozy little nook hidden away on an obscure corner of Suffolk St that takes a little effort to get to, but it’s certainly worth the trip. I’d walk many avenues east for multiple bites of the restaurant’s signature mochi mochi spaghetti, which sounds a bit dubious at first, especially when the waitress describes the ketchup sauce, but second and third helpings of the pasta will erase those doubts. And once you’re finished, which will be too quickly, you’ll start eyeing other parts of the menu, which changes as the day progress from breakfast, lunch to dinner. Those breakfast toast sets sound mighty delicious.

ogura toast (with red bean paste and butter)

If you’re lucky, the kitchen might have some toast leftover from the AM and they just might make you some breakfast toast for lunch. And when they do, it’s really the best thing ever. Everyone likes toast, especially when it’s a thick and soft milk toast that comes with an amazing spread of red bean paste and warm butter. If you could start your day off like this everyday, getting up early would never seem like a chore.

mochi mochi napolitan spaghetti

The flavors are on the sweeter side, whether you order something sweet or savory. Perhaps it’s because Davelle sets the menu with coffee in mind, picking dishes that will be complementary to something with a bitter and robust flavor profile. By the way, Davelle takes its coffee seriously, if those intimidating espresso machines and siphons on the bar are any indication.

pork curry and rice

No worries if you’re not a morning person. Davelle keeps its doors open for the evening hours, transitioning the menu to one centered around Japanese oden broths. If the small soup served with our lunch set was any indication, these odens are probably pretty amazing and can carry a meal on its own. Even better is that Davelle is at the moment BYOB while they await their liquor license. You really could spend all day here.

102 Suffolk St (between Rivington and Delancey St)
New York, NY 10002
(646) 771-7855

2 thoughts on “Davelle, All-Day Japanese Cafe in LES

  1. I went for dinner one night, they were so busy on a random wednesday, waited just 30min or so. We loved the wasabi pickles and vegetable chips, then basically ordered all of the vegetable oden and the two different rice balls, the enoki in tofu skin and lotus root rice ball were my favorites. And apparently i just don’t like bamboo shoots.
    I have to return for the coffee and toasts, i love coffee and saw they do a kyoto style cold brew but I can’t have coffee at night.

    1. Ugh, I was hoping that Wednesday would be a slow night, looks like my attempt at dinner there will involve a wait. Maybe I’ll go during Memorial Day weekend when the city empties out. Hopefully they’ll still be BYOB by then. You have to go back for the toasts!! It’s the best thing ever.

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