Day Trip to Long Beach and Sorrento’s

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In the summer, New York becomes noticeably emptier. Suddenly you can get a table at the restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, and there are plenty of spots available at your normally overbooked Core Fusion class. It’s nice being able to take a little breather from the urban rat race.

But sometimes you want to be one of those Hamptons/Jersey Shore beach people too, especially when it’s been 90+ degrees and disgustingly humid several days in a row. You might think a beach getaway requires a lot of money and advance planning, but planning a quick trip to a nearby, decent beach is actually surprisingly easy. Rockaway Beach is just a stone’s throw away in Queens, for instance, and Long Beach is reachable by a short train ride.

Last weekend, we rented a car and drove to Long Beach, a trip that took about 35 minutes. The train ride takes about an hour from Penn Station and costs $17 for a round trip ticket, which includes admission to the beach. We arrived at around 10 am, and there was plenty of space to stake out a spot on the sand. I was surprised by how clean and wholesome Long Beach was–I admittedly was expecting something declasse like Coney Island. The crowd was made up mostly of families, and there were thankfully no jacked-up Guidos running around.

sorrento's - oven
the wood-fire oven at sorrento’s
sorrento's - pizza
the world’s largest and tastiest sausage, onion, garlic pizza

After nearly 4 hours of sunbathing, we decided to wrap things up and grabbed some lunch at an excellent local pizzeria called Sorrento’s. Sorrento’s doesn’t really have a menu–you just know that pizza is the focal point, and that they are very, very good at making them. If your nice waitress remembers, she might tip you off to the amazing house salad as an appetizer. We ordered a sausage, garlic and onion pizza with cheese, and it was pretty incredible. My friend Dan proclaimed it “the best pizza I’ve ever had in New York,” and he’s been to all those fancy Brooklyn pizzeria places! Not only do they serve top-notch pizza, but they also have a meat counter where they sell incredible cuts of seasoned and unseasoned meats at prices much lower than at Whole Foods. Forget the beach–we might take the train back out to Long Beach just for Sorrento’s!

255 W. Park Ave.
Long Beach, NY 11561
(516) 889-4800

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