Dinnertable, a Secret Restaurant in East Village

off to a good start at dinnertable
a cozy room with an open kitchen

Nothing beats a small group dinner party at a friend’s house. The energy is relaxed and positive, which makes enjoying yourself possible in a way that you can’t at a formal sit-down restaurant. This is what a meal at Dinnertable, a secret restaurant hidden in the back of The Garret East in the East Village, feels like. You enter the bar, muscling your way past some tipsy Millennials until you reach the curtains and pull them aside to flick the secret switch for Dinnertable. A hostess will slide the door and lead you into the peaceful oasis inside. This is where the grown ups are, catching up over good food and wine, carrying on quality conversation and being able to hear one another, while the kids are running around outside.

huevos chamucos – dill wasabi eggs with spanish sturgeon caviar
white shrimp wasabi – sushi grade shrimp, sesame, scallion
bluefine tuna zuke – pickled tuna, avocado, yuzu and fried quinoa
braised short rib with sweet potato and orange puree, dill and chimichurri
pork & clams – pork belly, clams, yuzu, croutons and seasonal greens
matcha sundae – matcha ice cream, miso caramel sauce, fudge, homemade kit kat, and other goodies

The cooking style of Dinnertable is hard to define, but the best way might be to describe it as Asian inspired. A paella ball can read Spanish, but there’s uni and kewpie creme sauce on it. A shepherd’s pie might be on the menu, but it’s filled with wagyu beef. The baby shrimp wasabi simply tastes like an ebi you would get at a sushi bar. The flavors are familiar but used in unexpected ways, reinterpreting traditional dishes that retain their comforting nature but somehow feel fresh and new. An ideal meal here would consist of the huevos chamucos deviled eggs and the baby shrimp, followed by the pork and clams and the braised short rib, with a side of togarashi seasoned white rice. You can’t leave an old friend’s place without dessert, so wrap up with the matcha sundae, bid adieu until the next time.

In the back of the bar The Garret East
206 Avenue A (between 12th and 13th St)
New York, NY 10009
Reservations on Resy here

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