Emily West Village

the street fair pie – sausage, cherry peppers and onion

Getting your hands on one of Pizza Loves Emily’s awesome pies and burgers no longer has to involve a train ride to Brooklyn. Manhattan now has an Emily of its own in the West Village, officially called Emily West Village. This location is a little more polished than its scrappier Brooklyn siblings, looking very much the part of a beautiful, new and charming West Village eatery. But despite that grown-up, glossy sheen, the full-on comfort food gut bombs are very much front and center.

smokey carrots with lentils, spicy tahini and mint

The menu tries to be a little more adult by offering seasonal vegetable options on the menu, which is something I haven’t seen at the Brooklyn locations. We did order the smokey carrots with lentils and tahini, which were good, but they were completely overshadowed by the pizza. Each of the Emily locations specializes in a certain style of pie, and at Emily West Village the focus is on Detroit-Grandma pies. They’re square, slightly thick and absolutely delicious, similar to the look and feel of a Pizza Hut pan pizza but less greasy and much tastier. A bite of that golden grandma-style crust means everything.

emmy burger – double stack lafrieda dry-aged beef, emmy sauce, caramelized onion, american cheese and pickles on a tom cat pretzel bun

If you’re with a small group, you’ll feel torn trying to choose between a pizza and a hamburger, which is a very hard decision, as both options are so good. You’ll just have to suck it up and eat both, as you cannot pass up the double stack Emmy burger. All that guilt you’ll literally lick away clean with satisfaction after you finish up the last few bites.

Emily West Village
35 Downing St (and Bedford St)
New York, NY 10014


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  1. Those smokey carrots were so good! Really great combination with the tahini. We tried one of the green sauce pizzas which was definitely all about that crust. The green sauce was really unique but now i regret not getting a classic red sauce one. Next time.

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