Epic Peking Duck @ Decoy

Thanksgiving came several days early this year. I already had an epic group dinner at Decoy, in which the six of us stuffed our faces with 2 nice, fat and crispy Peking ducks, after having already filled up on four “small” appetizers and some deceptively light fish skin chips, and just when we thought we were in the clear, a bowl of fried rice, another side, and three additional main dishes rounded out the meal. Does this sound like a lot of food? Would it help if I mentioned that we also had pickled vegetables and shots of duck consomme? Clearly I should have done a better job of saving some room for actual Thanksgiving day.

But despite the enormous, and at times overwhelming, amount of food, I thought the duck dinner here was fabulous. In fact, I would highly encourage you to skip the usual dry turkey and just order the duck dinner at Decoy with your closest family members and friends, because the restaurant is open on Thanksgiving!! The Chinese members of this entourage commented on how authentic and high quality this Peking duck was, and their opinions are pretty legit given their exposure and preference for the super traditional preparation. And with all the attention paid to the duck, it’s impressive that the accompanying sides and mains were just as memorable and mouth-wateringly delicious as the duck. I definitely swooned when I had a bite of the juicy marinated rib steak and the pastrami triangles, and my heart skipped a beat with a spoonful of the crab and scallop fried rice. You seriously can’t go wrong with anything here. Click through these pictures, see what looks good, and chances are you will love how it tastes.

529 ½ Hudson St. (between Charles and W. 10th St)
New York, NY 10014

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