Fast Casual Pasta at The Sosta in Nolita

pasta with a side of millennial pink at the sosta

Are you a Millennial who’s into wellness brands and likes her pasta served in a shade of fluorescent pink? Then The Sosta, the new fast-casual pasta restaurant from the minds behind By Chloe, is the perfect place for you. On the corner of Mott and Kenmare St, the bright lights of the restaurant invite you in to consider their Italian offerings. The dishes have catchy names, mixing familiar faces like bolognese and vodka sauce with interesting pasta options like gemelli and zucca. And the pasta tastes healthier than what you would get at the nearby red sauce joints in Little Italy, and an added plus is that you can get the pasta gluten-free or even zucchini noodle-based.

from left to right: bucatini arrabbiata with zucchini noodles, chicken meatballs and paccheri bolognese

I wanted to go all-in like those health-conscious girls I see at By Chloe and ordered the bucatini arrabiata with zucchini noodles, but as a control we needed to know what the regular pastas tasted like, so we also ordered the paccheri bolognese. I felt good about eating the zucchini noodles from a health-perspective, but they had way too much water content and ended up tasting soggy, which was a shame, as the spicy arrabiata sauce itself was pretty good. The paccheri bolognese fared better, and while it had a clean and wholesome flavor about it, you couldn’t help but wish it were a little homier and meatier. The chicken meatballs were my favorite, but for $6 you get two measly portions, which took away from the experience.

At the end of the meal, we agreed that while it was great that the pastas from The Sosta tasted healthy and were prepared well, ultimately we preferred our noodles to be a little more robust and generously coated in plummy tomato sauce and fresh cheese. If I want less carbs or calories, I’ll just order a smaller portion or split an entree at a place like L’Artusi. Needless to say we haven’t been back to The Sosta since.

The Sosta
186 Mott St (between Kenmare and Elizabeth St)
New York, NY 10012