Floret at Sister City Hotel in LES

Summer life in the city seems to revolve around rooftops. The lines to gain entry into one are annoyingly long, and the fake hype that the doorman tries to drum up about the rooftop being at capacity is especially irritating. Luckily the secret’s not out yet about the rooftop at Sister City, a new hotel that opened recently in LES. It’s similar to other Millennial branded hospitality concepts like the Hoxton or the Public, where the emphasis is more on living your best life outside of the room, which is small, clean and functional, but not much more, and to spend your time on-site at the hotel’s attractive, communal spaces.

Because why would you sleep when there’s a rooftop to get to? And a restaurant with a wonderful garden patio to hang out in? Floret, which is the name of Sister City’s restaurant, doesn’t have that formal and commercial feel that plagues many hotel restaurants. It’s also frequented by locals and feels like an actual neighborhood restaurant, and it doesn’t suffer from the weird mix of out-of-towners who kill the mood with their randomness. While everyone loves eating outdoors when the weather is nice, the pretty indoor dining room isn’t bad either. The food is of the small, shareable plates format, and the flavors are of an interesting, global variety.

The menu is very much of the moment, and since toast continues trending across menus, there’s a section devoted to six different varieties. But this isn’t just avocado slapped onto a thin slice of bread. This is a high quality rustic loaf that is toasted and topped with amazing slices of buttery, mangalista ham. In fact, avocado isn’t on the menu because that would be too basic for a restaurant that is trying to aim higher than that. For instance, I love how they offer a side of roti bread on the menu. It’s not a common brunch sighting outside of a South Asian restaurant, and the one here is extremely good.

Eggs and toast are reliably on offer, and Floret does a solid job of those. But the biggest surprise was how good the roasted chicken sandwich was. It sounded like such a conventional and boring order, but the whole table devoured my chicken sandwich in minutes. I wanted to like the peeky toe crab bowl more, but the complexity of the flavors and its healthful nature weren’t really the things that I wanted out of a brunch meal. In the end, Floret served its purpose of being a delicious, neighborhood restaurant that I’d want to go back to. And it’s an added bonus that it also happens to have easy access to a rooftop bar. I can live my best Millennial life in the laziest way possible.

Floret at Sister City NYC
225 Bowery (between Rivington and Stanton)
New York, NY 10002

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