Hummus at Dizengoff

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Dizengoff is a new vendor in Chelsea Market that sells hummus in the manner of the hummusiyas or hummus stalls that are commonly found in Israel. The restaurant is named after a famous street in Tel Aviv and specializes in Israeli-style hummus, which blends chickpeas with tehina, a type of sesame paste. The hummus is very smooth, dense and nutty, definitely more flavorful and filling than the hummus that comes out of the tub you get from the grocery store.

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hummus with ground beef
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hummus with squash, chopped salad and pita bread

The hummus comes in 5 different options that change seasonally–the plain tehina, squash, carrot, bean and beef. It arrives pretty quickly, accompanied by a small chopped salad of cucumbers, some pickles and a delicious and doughy piece of pita bread. There are about 18 bar-style seats that face into the small open kitchen, where you can watch executive chef Emily Seaman and her staff prepare the hummus and roll out the dough for the pita that is made in-house and baked in a clay oven. The squash hummus is great for those who want to keep things light, while the ground beef is for those who want something more substantial. Every type of dietary and flavor preference is pretty much covered here.

iced mint lemonade
iced mint lemonade lemonnana

It’s a refreshing meal that’s great for the summer, even more so when you wash it down with the frozen Israeli-style mint lemonade lemonnana. Chelsea Market can be a bit of a tourist trap, but Dizengoff is worth a visit, and with the quick and efficient service, you’ll be out of there in no time.

In Chelsea Market
75 9th Ave
New York, NY 10011
(646) 833-7097

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    1. It really is a great spot. I didn’t think I could make a meal out of hummus but the hummus here is very dense and complex, so delicious and filling! And the pita is fantastic, I felt like I was eating pizza crust.

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