Kismet in Los Feliz, Los Angeles

kismet in los feliz, los angeles

California has perfected the bright and airy all-day cafe concept, and Kismet in Los Feliz is a shining example. The space has the sort of clean, white lines and wooden seats that are reminiscent of the new Nordic aesthetic that is highly attractive to many people. And this being California, the vibe here of course is a little sunnier and more laid back than even your typical cafe. You can even taste it in the food, which is Middle Eastern in influence, only the hummus and feta taste like they’ve been kissed by lemons and sunshine.

turkish-ish breakfast

If you happen to catch the morning part of the all-day menu, the Turkish-ish Breakfast is the perfect start to the day. It’s a platter that has a little bit of everything–some soft boiled eggs, a little bit of olives to nibble on, feta in harissa, and my personal favorite, the kale and leek in tahini with apple molasses. It’s a good platter to share in a group, a low-stakes appetizer that will please everyone but not fill them up too much.

flaky bread with soft-boiled egg, labneh, tomato and spice
babka french toast
coffee made with parlor beans
orderville ipa

And the great thing about groups is that you can order more and share the wealth, because it would be a shame to have to pass up on the babka french toast or the roti-like flaky bread because there’s just not enough room for it all. To be honest, it’s not all that hard to make room for carbs like these. Pair it with some coffee made with Wallabout beans from Parlor Coffee, a favorite blend of mind, or with an interesting craft beer, if the concept of day drinking appeals to you.

freekeh polenta with lamb, green chili, charred cabbage and poached egg
nicoise salad

Every Middle Eastern brunch has a rendition of eggs shakshuka, and the one here is a little soupier than most, which is why I found it hard to be completely run over. The nicoise salad is not the typical food of choice for breakfast, but the beautiful medley of fresh garden vegetables and generous chunks of fish will have you strongly reconsider what you should be eating early in the day.  If you want something a little more intense and challenging, the gamey lamb freekeh polenta will certainly be up to the task. Whatever you order, it was meant to be and you’ll be happy with it, because kismet is what brought you here.

4648 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 409-0404

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