La Ferme aux Grives Restaurant in Eugénie-les-Bains

If you find yourself hungry on the grounds of Les Prés d’Eugénie, the French Relais and Chateux estate home to Michel Guerard’s famous restaurant, but you don’t want to sit through an epic and pricey meal at the flagship Michelin restaurant (read more about that here), you can opt for a casual meal at La Ferme aux Grives. La Ferme aux Grives specializes in rustic country cooking in the Gascon fashion, so the menu skews towards hearty, roasted meats cooked in fat. A spitfire grill roasting a small suckling pig in the center of the main dining room gives you a glimpse of what’s in store for later.

The menu is the same for lunch or dinner, a fixed price meal of three courses for 58 euros. An amuse bouche of dreamy gougeres and slices of dried sausage precedes every meal, setting the tone for the robust, filling dishes that will follow. A meal here isn’t exactly light, but if you’d like to attempt to keep things on the healthier side, the appetizers of chilled heirloom tomato soup and the cesar chicken garden salad are your best options.

mr parra’s blood sausage with aromatic coco beans
beef rib in chiffonnade, green salad and seasonal vegetables
monkfish, grilled in the fireplace, with orange and thyme butter

Otherwise indulge in the whole hog, or to be more precise, roasted suckling pig and all of its parts. The other traditional pillars of protein are not neglected. Beef, chicken and fish are also available, and the chicken in particular is given an especially handsome treatment on the roast, arriving with a golden, crispy skin of onion marinade that is full of promise.

eugenie’s raspberry tiramisu
silky charlotte of mr cazade’s strawberries

Desserts made in a country chateau should be all fluffy cakes and berries, and the ones at La Ferme aux Grives don’t disappoint. The Silky Charlotte of Mr. Cazade’s Strawberries, which sounds like a chapter out of a Victorian novel, is the prettiest and the best one. The seasonal fruit tart might be more homely, but that doesn’t matter when you bite into its buttery, flaky crust. Whatever you choose, you’ll leave with a full and happy stomach that won’t leave you with much else to do other than to stroll about the pretty grounds in a lazy fashion.

La Ferme aux Grives
334 Rue René Vielle, 40320 Eugénie-les-Bains, France
+33 5 58 05 05 06

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