La Pecora Bianca in Soho

La Pecora Bianca is what I call a “pretty person” restaurant. Like its customers, the restaurant itself is physically attractive, styled to resemble some sort of beautiful sea-green Italian bistro. Its heated outdoor booths are some of the most well-built ones I’ve ever come across. If outdoor restaurant dining becomes a permanent thing in New York, this is the kind you would want in your neighborhood. Sometimes when I’m walking my dog in the cold I’ll pass by La Pecora Bianca and I’ll be impressed by the warmth that emanates from the heat lamps. The crowd is typical of who you would expect from the Soho shopping set – attractive, wearing expensive clothes and day drinking. I didn’t have high expectations for the food here since pretty people restaurants tend to be more style than substance, but I actually had a pretty great brunch at La Pecora Bianca.

The portions at Le Pecora Bianca are pretty generous, which surprised me, but I was happy to leave feeling full. The restaurant is typically known for its pasta dishes, but their brunch offerings are pretty solid. I would recommend trying some of the more traditional Italian plates, like the whipped ricotta on country toast and tuscan kale salad.

Their egg dishes have been slightly tweaked to reflect rustic and hearty Italian flavors. Rather than serving traditional eggs benedict in a hollandaise sauce, for instance, La Pecora Bianca serves the poached eggs in a creamy cacio e pepe sauce. Everything has a pinch of pancetta here, a slice of prosciutto there. I was a fan of the baked eggs, which came simmering in a warm and spicy shakshuka-like sauce. The eggs were a little too overbaked, but I was willing to overlook that. The mushroom frittata, on the other hand, was on the runnier side. A nudge of the fork broke the frail infrastructure of soft scrambled eggs.

I have a soft spot for pancakes, and the lemon ricotta pancakes at La Pecora Bianca are outstanding. You can actually taste the citrus and the cream in them, which is impressive, and the two flavors are in perfect balance. It comes with a generous dollop of cream, which makes all the difference in making these good pancakes great. There’s no better way to end a shopping spree than literally on a sweet note.

La Pecora Bianca
54 Prince St (between Mulberry and Lafayette St)
New York, NY 10012
(212) 380-8202