Marian’s in West Village

To eat at Marian’s is to live the West Village dream. The dining room evokes a charming townhouse owned by a stylish socialite, one with a fondness for robin blue hues and vintage pillows that are reminiscent of Gucci. It’s definitely a rich lady vibe. In fact, I just looked up the restaurant on Google Maps and found that Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment was nearby, which proves my point. Marian’s now serves brunch, so what a way for well-heeled women to be drinking mimosas on a Saturday.

Marian’s feminine vibe was inspired by Chef Christian’s own grandmother. But the clientele is a bit more well-rounded than that. There were parents with young children, older folks, people on dates, and even guys out on their own. The menu is very straight forward and accessible, which explains its appeal to all sorts of palates. And the cocktail menu is quite good. You’ll get proper Bloody Marys and Negronis here, not watered down spritzers. There were some creative libations with tequila, mezcal and Suntory whiskey, but nothing beats a Bloody Mary for a brunch. If you can’t choose between a coffee or a cocktail, you can get both in the form of a Marian’s Espresso cocktail.

Nearly every table ordered a mini muffin basket. Something about the name makes it seem like it’s just a small indulgence. Pastry basket is too much, but mini muffins is just right. Indeed the small size of my banana chocolate muffin felt guilt free. It was also quite good, by the way, as were the other flavors that arrived in the basket.

The brunch menu overall is rooted in American classics with hints of a more traveled palate. The warm grain bowl, for instance, is less sweetgreens and more Thai coconut curry rice. There was a salmon rosti entree, which is something you never see on a brunch menu, but since rich women love to jet set, I’m not surprised to see Euro influences here. The bacon egg and cheese sandwich was a little too dainty for my taste. The size reminded me of a kid’s Happy Meal cheeseburger. This was one where I wish they had stayed more true to the BEC’s oversize, hearty origins. Flavorwise, though, it was solid.

The best, though, was the most basic–the bruleed french toast. French toast, in general, is going to be a treat, and the fact that it is topped with caramelized sugar means that it’s going to be a sure thing. And sure enough it was. Overall it was a very pleasant brunch in that ladies who lunch sort of way–everything was pretty and the envelope wasn’t really being pushed too hard so that you would want an invitation to come back.

24 Greenwich Ave
(between West 10th and West 11th St)
New York, NY 10011
(917) 261-5814