Michelin Moments in Costa Brava at Restaurant Miramar

miramar, a 2 michelin star restaurant in llanca, spain

A trip to Costa Brava should not be rushed. Physically, it’s impossible – the village roads are much too narrow or your car might get stuck in several tight corners.  And though the sights are few, what they lack in quantity they make up in sheer substance. Just getting through the first floor of the Dali Theatre-Museum is exhausting – there’s whimsy in nearly every corner, and then you realize you’re not even halfway through it. Leave the type A, cram-it-in mentality at home and just focus on taking in a few things, or maybe even nothing, one day at a time.

my treasure – seahorse, starfish, marine cocktail

With so much time on your hands, why not take a culinary detour to Llanca, Spain, which is a ~30 minute drive from Salvador Dali’s hometown of Figueres or a 30 minute drive from Cadaques, and enjoy a luxurious 2 Michelin star seaside tasting at Miramar. Someone from the restaurant will call you several hours ahead of the reservation to ask if you’d like to participate in the 34 course tasting menu. The answer to this is always yes. Don’t be intimidated by the number. It’s really 34 “moments” or small tastes of food, so there’s room for everything.

9 moments – khaki-tangerine; 2016 minestrone; minestrone soup; almond; popcorn and corn; my garden; taco
apple – chopped apple with celery ice cream, shiso mousse and roe
ground – radish noodle and truffle in a cream sauce
11 moments – rice, egg yolk, caviar; razor clam; crab and its roes; “all i pebre” eel; “morrallet” and onion
oyster in a tray and lulo. the shell is icy.
king prawn + king prawn in a shrimp infusion broth
sea cucumbers “en fricando”
our “pirate” squid
fin soup made of shiitake mushrooms in a shiitake consomme
penny buns, silky mm and tartufo…part 1
penny buns in a soup with sea urchin, gnocchi, truffle and caviar…part 2
8 moments – my “cafe paris” burger and eating bones
8 moments – figs and foie; neanderthal; sweet corn flute and “cap | pota”; cheese and truffle same
last (sweet) memories

The tasting menu is divided into several thematic “moments” that trade off between influences and ingredients from the sea vs. the land. Chef Paco Perez believes that both are essential in understanding his cooking and the foods of this region. Whimsy is certainly a defining trait that Dali left behind in Costa Brava. The moments at Miramar arrive on large plates with a wink and a smile. You’ll be let in on the joke–the “apple” underneath your tray reveals a hidden entree or the “Fin” soup is made of mushrooms–but be a little patient for the big reveal. Some are as fleeting as a real moment. A frozen almond and a khaki-tangerine will dissolve within seconds. Others like the superb king prawn and the sea cucumers “en fricando” will linger because they are so extraordinary. Whatever the outcome, you can be assured that you will be present for every minute of it.

Passeig Marítim, 7, 17490 Llançà, Girona, Girona, Spain
+34 972 38 01 32


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