Mister Dips Food Truck in Brooklyn

Nothing says summer nostalgia like an ice cream truck. Or even better, one that also makes amazing burgers and fries. For all us city folk who don’t have a car or a backyard garden,¬†Mister Dips lets us live out the good old days of driving to Dairy Queen or the beach food shack by serving an all American menu from its trailer, which is parked out on the roof¬†Vale Park, a two-story structure that’s a part of the Williams Vale Hotel in Williamsburg. It’s the latest project from Andrew Carmellini, who normally helms fancier restaurants like Locanda Verde and The Dutch, but according to him, all chefs secretly want a food truck.

special dip burger with hatch chilies, jack cheese and sriracha verde

The burgers here are on the smaller side, but what they lack in size, they make up in flavor. It’s just sheer bliss when you bite into one, the sort of feeling you used to have as a child when you finally got the Happy Meal that you really wanted. There are a lot of comparisons made to the Shake Shack burger, and I would say that’s pretty accurate, although the secret sauce in the Mister Dips burger has the edge over its rival’s.

burger and dirty dipped waffle fries combo

You obviously have to get fries with the burgers, and the waffles don’t disappoint. If you do get the dirty dipped waffles, which come smothered in melted spicy cheese a la nacho style, just be aware that they do get soggy fast so eat quickly.

jacker-crax dairy dip with buttered caramel popcorn and salted peanuts

And the finishing touch is the namesake dessert. These dairy dips are very sweet and over-the-top, similar to the style at Big Gay Ice Cream. The toppings are piled high, the colors are bold and the flavors are in your face. These also melt quickly, so make sure to sate your sweet tooth with haste before it flies by like the rest of your summer.

Mister Dips
At the William Vale Hotel
111 N 12th St (between Wythe Ave and Berry St)
Brooklyn, NY 11249

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