Mott 32 in Hong Kong

apple wood roasted 42 days peking duck

I love the texture that the skin of Peking duck adds to the underlying meat, but I would never seek out the skin on its own. Duck skin tends to be a little too tough and is not something I would pick off and eat on its own like I do with chicken skin. But then I tried the duck skin at Mott 32, a restaurant in Central, and I was amazed by how it just melted into my mouth like a piece of cotton candy. Even to this day, the sensation of the skin dissolving into a pool of exquisite duck fat is what I remember about my dinner at Mott 32.

barbecue pluma iberica pork
sweet and sour pork with dragon fruit
signature smoked black cod
alaskan crabmeat, fried rice, and flying fish roe
sauteed string beans
wok fried broccoli, ginkgo, bean curd and dates

If you’re not a duck person, you can choose from a host of other dishes that are also prepared at an elevated level. The signature smoked black cod and the sweet and sour pork are items I would definitely order again, and for an ideal meal, they should be accompanied by the alaskan crabmeat fried rice topped with some roe and the sauteed string beans. Going with a big group means you can add-on even more pork like the Iberico ham and the suckling pig, but the portions here are reasonable and you never feel overwhelmed and heavy by the end.

Aside from the food, Mott 32 is simply a beautiful restaurant with a stunning ambiance that warrants dressing up for. Like so many establishments in Hong Kong, especially in the finance-centric business district of Central, it’s located in a bank office building. However, an escalator ride downstairs reveals an underground dining room that is no stodgy bank vault. There’s an elegance to the dining room, a hybrid of modern design and traditional fixtures, that isn’t very common in the interiors of Chinese restaurants in the States, which tend to favor the clubby or the more austere. For a lively night out, where the surroundings and the company are as good looking as the food, a dinner at Mott 32 cannot be beat.

Mott 32
Standard Chartered Bank Building
4-4A Des Voeux Rd Central, Central, Hong Kong
+852 2885 8688

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