NYC Outdoor Dining – Sunday in Brooklyn

Manhattan is where you grind it out during the week, but Sundays are meant for Brooklyn. Brooklyn is where you go casual and bring your dog and your newspaper to hang out in a park and drink oat milk turmeric lattes. And there is a restaurant that is literally named for this vibe called Sunday in Brooklyn in Williamsburg. It had one of the loveliest dining rooms to brunch in, but now you can catch the vibe on their outdoor patio.

Brunch doesn’t really begin until you’ve had a stack of pancakes. And the pancakes at Sunday in Brooklyn are humongous. We were greedy and wanted to triple our order and ended up with tons of leftovers. These pancakes are distinctive in that they are more like oven baked cakes rather than floppy, diner pancakes. They’re covered in a hazelnut chocolate sauce so you don’t need extra butter or syrup. I felt like I was eating a gigantic cupcake dipped in chocolate. It’s a different style for sure.

And avocado toast is still a thing. Although Sunday at Brooklyn makes theirs the healthiest, leafiest avocado toast possible. I couldn’t find the avocado buried underneath all the fresh radish and sprouts. It made me feel better about having eaten a gigantic pancake beforehand. My son, who normally loves traditional avocado toast, did not appreciate this style.

The best dish we had was the fried chicken sandwich. You might be debating between this or the egg sandwich, but I would highly recommend the chicken. It doesn’t taste all heavy or oily, it’s slightly crunchy, well dressed and just right. I was thinking, maybe I’ll have more of the pancake and less of the chicken sandwich, and totally went the opposite. Again, to make you feel better, you can order something healthy like the summer squash salad with feta and arugula. You eat this just to bide time before you dig back in to the fried chicken sandwich.

What really excited me about this brunch was the availability of soft serve. Have you noticed that it’s hard to get soft serve in the city? Where are all the Mr. Softee trucks? I could go to McDonald’s, but I don’t want to know what’s going on with the soft serve machines. So that’s why I was excited to see the opportunity for soft serve, and in an exciting flavor of coconut matcha. Sundays were meant for Brooklyn, but I wish that were the case everyday.

Sunday in Brooklyn
348 Wythe Ave (between S 2nd and S 3rd St)
Brooklyn, NY 11249
Tables reserved for walk-ins.

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