Outdoor Dining at Glasserie in Greenpoint, Brooklyn

If you ever want to feel like you’re in LA for a day, spend an afternoon on the outdoor patio at Glasserie, a Middle Eastern restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Glasserie is in a more up-and-coming part of Greenpoint, where you might walk by more construction sites and unmanicured lawns than you’re accustomed to, but it’s because of this open space that places like Glasserie can exist. Eating healthyish small plates mezze dishes outside in the sun is as LA as NYC can get.

Obviously, if you come here for brunch, you should get the Mezze Feast, a wonderful sampler of different snacks and spreads that will invade your table with a variety of colors, flavors and textures. It’s pretty common for restaurants of this genre to offer some sort of mezze spread, but the one at Glasserie is definitely a notch above the rest. The falafel for sure is the best you’ll have, and I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that they mix in bits of tasty corn in the mixture. Labne is not just a cool yogurt, it’s spiced and punctuated with some squash. If there are two of you, this will be the perfect order, and if you’re worried that a vegetarian small plate spread won’t fill you up, don’t worry, it will. But just in case, order another side of pita bread, which is also great. Even better is the griddle bread, but sometimes they don’t have it during early brunch.

We were guilty of thinking the Mezze Feast wasn’t enough, so we ordered the lamb basmati and fried eggs just to make sure. It was a lot of food, but a lot of good food. The lamb wasn’t too gamey, and the basmati rice was excellent. They should start offering the basmati as a permanent side on the menu, or they should include it in the mezze since I truly think it’s one of their greatest hits.

You probably ordered a brunch cocktail alongside your meal. This isn’t a bloody mary and bellinis type of place. They do proper cocktails, like an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan. But whatever you do, do order a drink, because that’s what you should do on a patio like this. And then stay there for as long as possible, as if it were your own. In LA.

95 Commercial St (between Manhattan Ave and Box St)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 389-0640