Henry at the Life Hotel in Koreatown

Dining at Henry, the restaurant inside the Life Hotel in Koreatown, is such an unexpected surprise. The hotel is hidden from view on a rather drab and quiet stretch of 31st St, but its doors lead to the easygoing vibes of a supper club of another era. If you’ve ever thought about how it was to live in the old days of New York, where people would go listen to jazz in the days of the Harlem Renaissance, then Henry might let you travel back in time for a moment.

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Bubby’s in Tribeca

Brunch hot spots come and go, but Bubby’s is forever. This place has been around for nearly 20 years, yet it still manages to draw crowds for its brunch. Just a few weekends ago, a 10 am walk-in, which some may view as an aggressively early brunch time, required a 45-minute wait. Bubby’s gives the people what they want, which is an old-fashioned, all-American breakfast consisting of key comfort foods. They don’t challenge you with interesting reinventions or dainty small plates, because who necessarily wants that so early in the day?

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RH Rooftop Restaurant in Meatingpacking

Are restaurants the new experiential retail? Everyone knows that in-store experiences are important to luring in the customer, and a lot of retailers seem to be banking on the experience of eating. La Mercerie in Soho, for instance, sells the plates that it serves its crepes on in the adjoining store, Lexus operates a sleek lifestyle center home to a restaurant called Intersect, and Restoration Hardware invested in a stunning, 6-story concept in the Meatpacking District, where customers can eat in the dining room of their dreams at RH Rooftop Restaurant.

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Momofuku Noodle Bar at the Time Warner Center

Remember when the first Momofuku Noodle Bar in the East Village was all the rage? It was this exciting place run by a rebel chef who made pork buns and people could not get enough, even if it meant having to endure loud music and uncomfortable seats. The Momofuku brand has really matured since then. The newest addition to the empire is a second location of Momofuku Noodle Bar, in the NYC equivalent of a suburban mall, the Time Warner Center in Columbus Circle, far from the hip zip code of downtown. Read More

Frenchette in Tribeca

Once in awhile we always hear about that one annoying kid in high school who wasn’t that great but somehow got into Harvard. Someone like a Jared Kushner. That’s how I feel about Frenchette, the critically acclaimed French bistro in Tribeca that’s been on many “Best of 2018” restaurant lists. On the surface, it looks very pretty and polished, and there were glimmers of brilliant potential, but the meal lost a lot of steam very early on.

At the beginning of our dinner, I did indeed feel as if I had a seat at the table of one of the best restaurants in New York City. We had ordered the spanish omelette, and I was really blown away by it. It was truly better than a lot of the omelettes I had at tapas bars in Spain, and I could envision this plate coming out of the kitchen of Barrafina, an excellent restaurant in London.

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