Roberta’s Re-Review: Still Good

the sticky bun at roberta’s

I absolutely love Roberta’s. I never get tired of watching all the colorful people who look like caricatures of what it means to be from Brooklyn serving me the most amazing pizza. My go-to order is always the Bee Sting pie and the sticky bun. It’s always consistent and I’m never disappointed.

crispy pork with kale and stracciatella
sweet potato and fried egg

While the Bee Sting pizza pie is a staple at every table, it’s worth it to branch out and try something new. Roberta’s is no one-trick pony, and maybe not every dish will be a home run, but it will always be thoughtfully made and at the worst interesting. On a recent visit we tried the crispy pork, which was essentially a tonkatsu on top of sauteed kale, onion and stracciatella cheese, and it sounds a little random but it somehow all works. The sweet potato and baked eggs was also new to me, and aside from the cilantro, I liked everything about it. Roberta’s can really do no wrong.

261 Moore St (between White and Bogart St)
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718) 417-1118