Russ and Daughters Cafe Re-Review: Still Good

russ and daughters

Whenever I want to bring out-of-town guests to a very “New York” type of restaurant, I always take them to Russ and Daughters Cafe. It’s historic, having operated since 1914, and they preserve the look and feel of that era with the attractively retro decor that looks like something out of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” or “Mad Men”. And more importantly, the food is great–think traditional Jewish deli foods like latkes, matzo ball soup and smoked fish spreads. The only downside is that for brunch, the restaurant only takes walk-ins, and you’re guaranteed to wait for at least an hour. But I say it’s worth the wait. Suck it up, put your name down, get coffee somewhere else, and come back when you get that wonderful text saying your table is ready.

I recently went back to Russ and Daughters for a family brunch–and yes, we waited an hour–and tried out a few new things. One was a new smoked fish platter, the Anne, to be specific, and we were particularly impressed by the quality of the sable and the salmon. We also included some reliable repeats like the latkes and the matzo ball soup in our order, which felt like catching up with an old friend. My parents agreed that this was an “only in New York” dining experience that you couldn’t get anywhere else and they weren’t disappointed!

smoked whitefish chowder
matzo ball soup
potato latkes with wild salmon roe and creme fraiche
the anne smoked fish platter: western nova smoked salmon, private stock sturgeon, sable, smoked brook trout, wild alaskan salmon roe

Russ and Daughters Cafe
127 Orchard St (between Rivington and Delancey St)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 475-4880 ext. 2

2 thoughts on “Russ and Daughters Cafe Re-Review: Still Good

  1. I only ever go when i have visitors in town, and we just plan to have a long wait and find some coffee elsewhere.
    The latkes are a must for me, and i was surprised by how wonderful the borscht is- goes well with the pickled veggies appetizer.

    1. Yes, an hour wait at Russ and Daughters is just a fact of life, but I don’t mind it, especially when latkes and sable are involved! It didn’t even occur to me to consider ordering the borscht, I can’t wait to try that next time!

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