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uni with truffle

I always look forward to a sushi omakase, but the meal doesn’t come cheap. A new sushi bar seems to open in New York City at least every quarter, and the prices keep going up. For instance, the latest entrant to the high-end sushi scene is Yoshino, which prices its omakase at $400 per person. So I was super excited and curious when I passed by the signage for Shiki Omakase, a new sushi restaurant in Soho that offers a $65 omakase. It practically seems like a steal in comparison to so many other places. I had to try it, and the fact that it was byob was even more motivation, so off I went for lunch one day.

sea bream

The restaurant is relatively small and only seats 12 people. There are two options, a 12 course omakase at $65 a person, and a 17 course omakase at $100 per person. The omakase is paced so that you receive the pieces over the course of an hour, although they leave some time at the end to try to upsell you some ridiculously over-the-top pieces that are priced at around $17–think wagyu beef on top of foie gras on top of uni, something so extra like that. The $65 price tag accurately reflected the value of the meal you were getting. Sure, it wasn’t some mind-blowing experience where every piece was amazing. Some pieces were very good, and several were very, very average. They are also very big on seasoning the fish, so if you are a purist who only wants scant soy sauce, you might be offended. There were highs and lows, and on average it was a solid meal.


yellowtail with jalapeno
salmon with spiced yuzu
A5 wagyu with uni

The courses of my omakase were as follows–kumamoto oyster, sea bream, yellowtail, salmon, blue fin tuna, scallop, spotted prawn, o’toro with sturgeon caviar, uni with truffle, albacore tuna, A5 wagyu uni and unagi. The weakest parts of the omakase were probably the oysters and any tuna that wasn’t toro. The fish is a tad bit on the skinnier side, they’re not the plumpest cuts in town, but they’re not so small that you feel shortchanged. My favorites were the yellowtail in a jalapeno sauce, the salmon with spiced yuzu, the wagyu with uni–which was outrageously good despite the ridiculousness of the rich pairing–and the eel with crispy rice. I definitely want to go again, with a proper bottle of sake in hand this time, since you can’t beat the $65 price, and there are some real quality gems in there.

Shiki Omakase
71 W. Houston St (between W Broadway and Wooster St)
New York, NY 10012
Reservations can be made on Shiki’s Yelp page.

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