Steak and the 24-Layer Chocolate Cake at Strip House

20 oz bone-in ribeye

I normally associate steakhouses with boring business dinners, but when I do go to one on my own time, I’m always very happy with the outcome. Like when I recently had a steak dinner at Strip House in Midtown, the most corporate of locations and meals, but I can’t deny how satisfying it was eating the 20 oz. bone-in rib eye, followed by the famous 24 layer chocolate cake.

goose fat potatoes and creamed spinach

Before the steaks arrived, we shared the calamari appetizer, another time-tested favorite which went very quickly. The two orders were nearly not enough for the six of us. That left more room for the steak, which was prepared with a nice salted crust, and the restaurant even split the 20 oz. bone-in in two separate portions, in case you want to share. The sides of creamed spinach and goose fat potatoes were nearly as decadent as the steaks, but you might as well go all out and enjoy yourself.

24 layer chocolate cake

Which then means ordering the 24 layer chocolate cake, even if you feel ridiculously full. The beauty of group dining is that you can muster the will to share one dessert, although even then we were unable to completely crush the cake, a testament to how dense and rich it was. I will admit that I happily ate the rest as breakfast the next day. It’s the type of signature dessert that gets posted frequently on social media, and I can see why. There are plenty of restaurants that are more innovative or trendy, but when you just need a nice plate of meat and potatoes, Strip House gets the job done pretty well.

Strip House Midtown
15 W 44th St (between 5th and 6th Ave)
New York, NY 10036
(212) 336-5454

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