Sunday in Brooklyn – Williamsburg

sunday in brooklyn is the place to be

Sunday in Brooklyn sounds like the idea for a perfect afternoon, and eating at this airy, picturesque restaurant in Williamsburg lives up to that promise. The premises are beautiful, particularly the second floor, which looks like it was furnished by the stylish team at The Line. The people watching is prime, as it attracts a clientele of trendy Millennials and hip Brooklyn families, a good mix that makes for a lively atmosphere that never veers into obnoxiousness. Most importantly, the food is very good, which is to be expected from a restaurant run by an Atera alum.

grain bowl with toasted barley, grilled carrots, kale, egg, avocado and sambal

There’s something for everyone on the brunch menu, ranging from self-righteous breakfast bowls to a hearty egg sandwich. Although I noticed that in general, even for the lighter options, the portions are big and the food is filling. The grain bowl, which seems to be the healthy food trend of the moment, was generously stocked with a bounty of fresh, robust vegetables. These veggies are chunky and meaty, not the limp, rabbit-y garden variety, some of them lightly dressed and others sturdy enough to grill, leaving you very satisfied and perhaps wondering whether this grain bowl was as righteous as you initially thought.

egg and sausage sandwich with gochujang aioli, crispy potatoes, cheddar in a brioche bun
day drinking

The egg and sausage sandwich is truly a beast. It’s really more sausage than egg, with the patty taking up most of the room in between the brioche bun. The gochujang aioli sauce is excellent, and the fried potatoes add even more volume and some texture to the sandwich, making it no secret that this aims to drop a bomb in your stomach.

sticky bun

To keep things truly light, a pastry with a coffee or a matcha latte might better fit your mood. The pecan sticky bun was a very popular choice, which I thought was solid, but not necessarily in the same league as the one at Sadelle’s or Roberta’s. Whether your #brunchvibes consists of simple sweets or hearty egg platters, there’s something that can fit whatever mood so that your #sundayfunday in #brooklyn is exactly the way you want it to be.

Sunday in Brooklyn
348 Wythe Ave (between S. 2nd and S. 3rd St)
Brooklyn, NY 11249
(347) 222-6722


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