Sushi in Midtown at Uogashi

There are plenty of expensive sushi restaurants in New York, but not as many in the middle tier, which I guess is defined as something in the $70-$150 omakase range. That technically means Sushi Nakazawa is in the “affordable” category, which I don’t totally agree with, but relative to $300, I guess it is. Uogashi is one of those few restaurants that fall in the middle category. You can choose from tiers of omakase ranging from $95 – $175, and even more affordable are the different sushi box sets.

Maybe it’s because we were sitting at the tables and weren’t at the bar, but I was not blown away by the sushi at Uogashi. Certain pieces like the yellowtail and the toro were good, but I didn’t feel compelled to order additional pieces of an exceptional fish. You get what you pay for. It’s notches above a takeout sushi place, but it’s not operating at a Michelin level. The ebi in particular was surprisingly rubbery and tasted like it was from a Trader Joe’s prepared food box. What did blow me away was the cooked yellowtail collar. I would just order a sake and some yellowtail collar any day of the week. The fish changes depending on availability, fyi.

The cooked side dishes that accompanied the boxed dinner sets were also excellent. The miso soup was deep and thick, and the texture of the chawanmushi was like silky liquid. Although I do think the egg could have used a tad more salt. The tempura were not sad and overly battered like they tend to be at a lot of places. And shockingly, I loved the cooked tuna in my sakura zen dinner box. Cooked tuna can often taste like dried out chicken of the sea in a bad way, but Uogashi made it better than the average bird.

Uogashi is a great, affordable option for when you’re in the Midtown area–maybe because you work there or you have a Broadway show to catch! Don’t expect the raw sushi to be out of this world, though. You pay reasonable prices for reasonable sushi, not Yasuda level sushi. What is great value are the cooked fish dishes. $10 for a generous serving of grilled yellowtail collar can’t be beat.

318 W 51st St (between 8th and 9th Ave)
New York, NY 10019
(646) 678-3008