Best NYC Parks and Playgrounds for Kids 2020 (and a Daytrip to NJ)

Having kids in the city these days is tough. Normally you could rely on a day camp or the public library to get you through the week, but now home is the new day camp, 24 hours a day. There isn’t even a two week vacation abroad to make you forget for a moment that the kids are continually finding new ways of messing up the house. So now there is no choice but to “be a tourist in your own city.” Luckily, New York City, even during this time, is still an interesting place to be, and since the playgrounds, zoos and parks are open, there are a lot of “destination” spots that can make each weekend fun. Here are some of the best playgrounds, parks and zoos in NYC that are worth trekking out for (lucky for you if they are in your neighborhood). And if you have a car, I would highly recommend the awesome Turtle Back Zoo in New Jersey.

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