Favorite Restaurants in Portugal

beautiful views of porto, a unesco world heritage sight

If you love the climate and culture of Mediterranean countries like Spain and Italy with half the crowds and at a fraction of the price, you should start looking into Portugal. We were driving through the winding roads of the beautiful Douro Valley, the equivalent of Napa in Portugal, making our way from one winemaking quinta estate to the next, and we were struck by how accessible this country was. In any other European city, there would be a harrowing traffic jam from place to place, and we would have had to call the best vineyards and restaurants ahead of time to fight for a spot, only to fend off the crowds once we arrived. But not in Portugal. A meal at the top restaurant or a photo of a stunning castle can be yours, hassle-free. And it doesn’t make it less delicious or less beautiful because it’s less competitive.┬áPeople just haven’t caught on to Portugal just yet.Read More