4 Days in Switzerland

just your typical views on a swiss train ride

Thinking about planning a getaway to Switzerland? If you are, get ready for lots of scenic train rides of picturesque mountain villages and lovely cows. Switzerland really does live up to its image of quaint country living that you might recall seeing in Ricola ads or old Heidi picturebooks. But you can only handle bucolic beauty for so long, what if you want more of an urban scene? You might’ve heard that the big Swiss cities are boring and mainly for banking, but that’s not true. Zurich in particular is highly underrated and has the artisanal food shops, clothing boutiques and farm-to-table restaurants that are necessary for any top-tier city.Read More

A Weekend in Classic Vienna

street scenes

Vienna is a city known for its classical music, cafes and Christmas markets. As these associations might suggest, it’s a city that is steeped in tradition. The palaces of the Hapsburgs and the Vienna State Opera House stand in the same places as they have for centuries. Beautiful cafes once frequented by luminaries such as Freud and Klimt are still serving the classic dishes of wiener schnitzel and sachertorte. Mozart’s former apartment is somewhere around the corner. You come to Vienna to step back in time and live a life that you read about in great novels and old history books.

the historic buildings in the city center
public transit

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