Crown Shy in Financial District

Let’s get this out of the way–Crown Shy is a horrible name for a restaurant. It sounds like one of the nonsensical names that owners like to give to their thoroughbred race horses. We stopped by for dinner over the summer at this new restaurant in the Financial District, and the server was explaining the name’s origins to the table next to us. It took too long and it still didn’t make any sense. It’s also located in an ugly Art Deco lobby that looked like the one from my first NYC apartment. Right off the bat I was a little skeptical of this fine dining Financial District newcomer.

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Manhatta in FiDi

Why is it the case that a meal at a rooftop restaurant often involves a fabulous serving of city views with a side of mediocre food? These spots are lovely occasions to commemorate a special event (the Prudential Center for my sister’s Wellesley graduation comes to mind) but never the palate. Danny Meyer’s Manhatta, however, is an exception to this rule. Set on the 60th floor of a commercial building in the Financial District, Manhatta offers up stunning views of the Lower Manhattan skyline while serving equally impressive plates of refined, crowd pleasing dishes.Read More

Augustine, a Piece of Paris in Financial District

augustine at the beekman hotel

It used to be the case that the reasons you found yourself in the Financial District were that a) you worked at Goldman Sachs or b) you had newly moved to an apartment in the area and didn’t know any better. Now, however, the Financial District has evolved considerably beyond being an abandoned lot occupied by 20-something analysts living in converted office buildings. There are fast-casual restaurants open past the hours of 6 pm, the splashy shopping center Brookfield Place is nearby, and the luxury Beekman Hotel recently opened to validate the Financial District’s improving status in the world.Read More