Carrot Cake – Inspired by Flour Bakery and Ina Garten

I remember I was talking to someone about carrot cake, and they said with surprising vehemence that vegetables had no business in being in a dessert. I don’t see it that way at all. In fact, when I eat a carrot cake, I don’t even notice the carrots. I like the cinnamon-y, gingerbread-like qualities of the cake itself, and it’s complemented so well by a cream cheese frosting. I guess the carrots add texture and an earthy depth to the cake, but otherwise they could get away with calling it spice cake or something like that.

I had a huge tub of cream cheese frosting left over from my coconut cake project, and so I decided it made sense to utilize it for a carrot cake. Again, I referenced my Joanne Chang cookbook Flour: Spectacular Recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery + Cafe. Surprisingly, I only made one substitution and basically followed the recipe to a t. The hardest part was grating the carrots. I cheated and bought a tub of diced carrots from Whole Foods, and then ran these through the food processor, and they worked out fine. Everyone loved this cake, including my son, which is very important because he is the world’s pickiest toddler. Yet he ate this all up, literally, even though there were strange things like walnuts and raisins in it. This carrot cake recipe from Flour Bakery is on the denser side and is full of texture, almost a border-line fruit cake, but even with all that character, the most suspicious eater will be won over.

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Coconut Cake – Inspired by Flour Bakery and Ina Garten

Coconut cake is my favorite kind of cake. I would choose coconut over yellow birthday cake any day. My favorite coconut cakes in the city are from Baked and Balthazar. But alas, Baked closed down its Tribeca location for good (their Brooklyn location is still open), and Balthazar shut down its Soho location due to covid. I’m left without any options for coconut cake nearby, so I’ve decided that I’ll have to make it myself in the meantime. My daughter’s 17 month birthday was coming up, so I thought that now was as good a time as any to try to tackle this coconut project. I pulled out my trusty Joanne Chang’s Spectacular Recipes from Boston’s Flour Bakery + Cafe cookbook, which has a white coconut cake recipe on p. 176-177, and eagerly started prepping.

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Scones – Inspired by Flour Bakery’s Currant Spelt Oat Scones

I’ve never been to Joanne Chang’s famous Flour Bakery in Boston, but I do have her cookbook, and after having made her banana bread, I’m definitely a big fan. Lately I’ve been on a big baking kick, and I was inspired to pick back up her book and make something new. My friend Timmie told me she made Chang’s currant spelt oat scones, which was published in Pastry Love: A Baker’s Journal of Favorite Recipes. Nobody really gets excited by scones, do they? They look so dry and oversized…especially with oat and spelt in there. But she swore by these, and I can confirm that these are buttery and delightful.

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