Fulgurances Laundromat in Brooklyn

I first heard about Fulgurances from a staff member at Greenpoint Fish and Lobster Company, one of my favorite seafood restaurants in Brooklyn. The conversation came about when he saw that I was sporting a Septime canvas bag. (The backstory around the Septime bag is that I was never successful in getting a reservation at the famed Septime restaurant in Paris, so as a consolation prize, we went to its sister restaurants Clamato and wine bar Septime la Cave instead and bought this bag in the process.) He mentioned that Aaron Rosenthal, formerly of Clamato, was doing a residency at Fulgurances Landromat, the American offshoot of a French chef residency program. The concept in a nutshell invites young chefs from all around the world for a three to six-month residency where they can flex their culinary muscles in a $80 5-course tasting menu format. I was all over that online booking website to see when his residency would start.

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