Onjium at Genesis House in Meatpacking

There’s something about car dealerships I just don’t like. Seeing a sexy sportscar in the middle of the room is not very exciting to me, and who really wants to test drive something in the annoying streets of New York City? But Genesis House, the name of the new showroom for the luxury car brand in Meatpacking, is one that I would willingly return to. Similar to Lexus’s Intersect showroom not too far away, Genesis House is more of an experiential studio in which visitors can immerse themselves in all sorts of activities. On the ground floor is the car showroom, and on the second floor is Onjium, a high-end Korean restaurant, as well as a lovely reading area and a small home furnishings display. Korean culture is the thing that ties everything together, as Genesis is a luxury offshoot of Hyundai, and Onjium is a Michelin-star restaurant based in Seoul. While the ground floor is impressive, and I do have my eye on the G80 SUV, Onjium on the second floor is more my cup of tea.

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