NYC Outdoor Dining – Wayan in Nolita

It’s been a hot summer. Have you read the recent articles about how New York City is now a subtropical climate zone? I guess we can close our eyes and pretend that we’re somewhere more fun, like Bali or Singapore. Since we’re not getting on a plane to Bali any time soon, the next best thing is to pull up a chair on the outdoor patio at Wayan, the Indonesian restaurant in Nolita run by Cedric Vongerichten (Jean-Georges’ son).

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The Fulton by Jean-Georges at South Street Seaport

Despite all the good things that are happening at the new South Street Seaport, I still hate going there. Like with The Fulton, the new Jean-Georges seafood restaurant that opened earlier in the year. It got great reviews, but I literally made three prior reservations and cancelled all of them because I didn’t want to deal with going to the South Street Seaport. Finally, this past weekend, I actually kept my reservation, and I was very glad that I gave The Fulton a chance.

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The New Jean-Georges Vegetarian Tasting Menu

beet carpaccio

I used to love coming to Jean-Georges for lunch because of its amazing lunch deal. Back in the day, you could get two courses for $38, which is insanely reasonable for a fine-dining, Michelin star restaurant, and you could add on a dish for just $19. But the days of the value meal is long gone. Now you have to pay a pretty penny for a seat at the table. It’s tasting menu only, which will run you $68 for the four course option or $178 for the six course option. The vegetarian versions cost $58 and $128.

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abcV = very expensive vegetables

sweet greens and the fitness & protein smoothie

All you need to know about abcV, the new vegetable-driven restaurant in Jean-Georges’ abc empire, is that they make their fresh organic juices with a Juicero machine and charge $15 for one. It serves overpriced vegetarian meals packaged as some sort of revolutionary “cultural shift towards plant based intelligence” (this is from their website) but really, like the Juicero machine, you’re paying mostly for the pretty packaging.

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Shabby Chic Brunch at ABC Kitchen

ABC InteriorFor well-heeled New Yorkers who want their food to be as beautiful as their surroundings, ABC Kitchen is the perfect place to convene for a stylish brunch. Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s restaurant is furnished with elegant fixtures reminiscent of ABC Carpet & Home, the home furnishings retail store in which it shares its space, allowing you to enjoy dainty, delicious bites while seated on chic white seats and rustic oak tables. Not only will you eat in style, but you can eat without a conscience, as the restaurant is committed to “offering the freshest organic & local ingredients possible.”

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