NYC Outdoor Dining: King in Soho

There’s something very elegant and thoughtful about the way the restaurant King in Soho does things. For some reason, I can picture a woman, perhaps an English major, carefully crafting the menu and making sure that each word really counts. This is why she would use the word onglet as opposed to hanger steak, giving this usually masculine sounding dish a daintier feel. And this is why the drinks on the cocktail menu never veer towards the overly dark and smoky. They are citrus-y and herbal, the antithesis of the Don Draper whisky. In fact, the attention to detail is paid even to the operational stuff, like payment processing. King is the only NYC restaurant with outdoor dining I’ve been to that has implemented a truly contactless checkout system.

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King, a British Bistro in Soho

king, a pretty addition to soho
king, a pretty addition to soho

Soho is known for its shops but not necessarily for its restaurants. You usually have to walk to Nolita or the West Village for the good stuff. Which was why it was exciting to hear that a bistro with European sensibilities called King was opening in the area. The credentials of the chefs and manager, all of whom spent their time at some of London’s best restaurants like The River Cafe and Clove Club,¬†were also impressive. You knew they had a hit on their hands.Read More