Flying During a Pandemic: JFK to Incheon, Seoul

I am a U.S. citizen who recently flew out to Korea to quarantine at my parents’ home. I made this decision because I felt stuck and anxious in New York City, and while the situation in New York is improving, I don’t anticipate things to fully reopen anytime soon this summer. And even if they do, then what? Without a concrete plan for testing and tracing cases, I probably wouldn’t feel totally comfortable going out and about. Korea, on the other hand, has been upheld as a model for being able to vigilantly achieve this, and people are actually wearing masks without issue and cooperating to share their data. Things are open, people are going to malls and amusement parks and cherry blossom festivals, and the curve has managed to stay flat. So maybe you’re in the same boat–or maybe you’re interested in generally knowing what it’s like flying international during these times, and specifically to Korea. I wanted to share my experience here so that you know what to expect.

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