La Cabra in East Village

La Cabra is a Denmark-based coffee shop that recently opened a NYC outpost in the East Village. It has all the credentials of a proper coffee shop – a commitment to sourcing the best beans, refining its roasting technique to maximize the beans, being mindful of the seasonality of the beans, etc. But what really brings me back repeatedly to La Cabra are the baked goods. I always look inside the display case, intending on buying just one pastry to bring back home, but then I end up buying two or three. The pastries are that good. There is a very minimalist Nordic aspect to them. They’re not cute sweet buns with smiley faces or beautiful cakes with meticulously pipetted icing. They’re straightforward in their visual presentation but there are subtle layers to the flavors and textures that make them very memorable. La Cabra is a coffeeshop first and foremost, but in my opinion, it is one of the best bakeries in New York City.

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Conquering the Cronut

cronuts at Dominique Ansel

I finally jumped on the cronut bandwagon. And I’m totally glad I went along for the ride. These things are actually worth the hype. Imagine a fresh creme-filled cruller with the golden crust of a buttery fried croissant. That is basically what the cronut tastes like. I thought the lemon icing was too sweet, but could find nothing wrong with the rest of the pastry. I wouldn’t wait an hour and 20 minutes again anytime soon for one of these, but I could definitely be convinced to do it again in a month. Checking the whole cronut craze off your list is an itch you must scratch at least once. If you do want to get your hands on one of the hottest pastries in the WORLD, here’s a guide to planning your day so that one of the 200 cronuts that are made each day can be yours.

6:39 am, Tuesday – Arrived to find that the line was 22 people deep. I was definitely guaranteed a cronut at this point. I’ve heard that on weekends, the line can get to 75 people deep 1.5 hours before open. I probably could have arrived 10 minutes later and not be too far from my initial spot in line.

One guy arrived at 5:15 am for cronuts–cray cray!!

7:15 am – Line starts getting really long and stretches around the block. Wraps around from Spring Street to Sullivan, all the way down to The Dutch restaurant.

8:00 am – Bakery opens!! But they let in about 20 people in at a time. As the 22nd customer, I have to wait about 10 more minutes before I’m allowed inside.

8:10 am – Enter the store. Wait about another 10 minutes before I purchase my two cronuts (first you were allowed 6, then 3, and now 2).

Whole wait time from start to purchase was an hour and 40 minutes. Again, did not regret it, because the cronut was mighty tasty. And I can always point to the guy who waited at 5:15 am to not feel so bad about myself!

Best part – eating it

cronut - packaging
all good things come in pretty packages

cronut display v1
the cronuts–heaven on a plate

Dominique Ansel Bakery
189 Spring St. (and Sullivan St.)
New York, NY 10012
(212) 219-2773