NYC Outdoor Dining – Roberta’s in Brooklyn

If you have friends from out of town who want a Brooklyn experience, you take them for pizza at Roberta’s. It’s deceptively scrappy from the outside, being housed in a somewhat gritty and industrial lot in Bushwick, and being staffed by workers who look like they stepped out of an episode of High Maintenance, but underneath it all, it runs an extremely well-oiled machine cranking out some amazing food. And now that you have no choice but to be a tourist in your own town, why not revisit the wonderful patio at Roberta’s, which recently opened for the summer? Apparently I wasn’t the only one with this idea, because when I checked Resy for weekend brunch availability, it was already slim pickings. 11:00 am, however, was available. A bite of the fabulous Bee Sting pie made the early wake-up call so worth it–outdoor dining at Roberta’s is the best thing ever.

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Roberta’s Pizza

If someone from out of town ever wanted me to show them around Brooklyn, I would prepare an itinerary that would involve a stop at Roberta’s. This place personifies the Brooklyn spirit that people from other countries can’t get enough of. It has a free-spirited, youthful energy and a quirky DIY, local/artisanal/Etsy-sourced aesthetic that lives up to expectations. And more importantly, the food is worth the extra stops on the L train, especially the amazing pizzas. A soft, bubbly crust with a sturdy core topped with the creamiest of cheese and other fresh toppings, there’s nothing quite like it.

the bee sting pizza is the bee's knees
the bee sting pizza is the bee’s knees

There will be a long wait for a table, even when you go during off hours. Brooklyn is like a theme park at times, especially at a place like this, so you’ll have to line up with locals and tourists alike. Roberta’s has done a great job in making the wait bearable, as you can order pizza from the take out counter and bring it with you to the makeshift drinking tent outside, or you can try your luck at the bar in the back and hope one of the stools open up. Eventually you’ll get the text saying your table is ready, and 1 or 2 beers in, that bee sting pizza will be the bee’s knees.

roberta's - broccoli and kale
broccoli, kohlrabi and kale

the lil stinker
the lil stinker

an interesting cake for dessert
an interesting cake for dessert

261 Moore St (Between Bogart and White St)
Brooklyn, NY 11206
(718) 417-1118

Rockin’ Good Pizza at Roberta’s

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