The Fulton by Jean-Georges at South Street Seaport

Despite all the good things that are happening at the new South Street Seaport, I still hate going there. Like with The Fulton, the new Jean-Georges seafood restaurant that opened earlier in the year. It got great reviews, but I literally made three prior reservations and cancelled all of them because I didn’t want to deal with going to the South Street Seaport. Finally, this past weekend, I actually kept my reservation, and I was very glad that I gave The Fulton a chance.

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Bar Wayo in South Street Seaport

cocktails at bar wayo

They kept saying the South Street Seaport neighborhood was revitalized, and I didn’t believe it. I remember back when it was a sad mall occupied by third tier brands and bad food. But it really has changed a lot. High end specialty retail stores like 10 Corso Como have set up roots there, and they’ve managed to attract real restaurants to the neighborhood. One destination that is sure to draw people to South Street Seaport is Bar Wayo, the new Momofuku bar located right near the water. It’s a great place to pair fancy cocktails with fancy comfort food. There’s nary a salad or a bowl of olives in sight, and most everything is fried or smothered in mayo like sauces. They’ve perfected the preparation so that we don’t see unappealing grease stains or rings of oil marring the presentation. Bar Wayo South Street Seaport will certainly play a key role in this neighborhood’s revival.

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