Sticky Buns (Partybus Bakeshop)

I have a soft spot for sticky buns. Maybe it’s because of those childhood memories of going to the mall and eating the ooey gooey Cinnabon in the cafeteria. There’s nothing better than having one with a cup of coffee in the morning. Several bakeries in the city excel at this pastry, particularly my beloved Balthazar Bakery in Soho, which is now closed indefinitely, but others like Cafe Altro Paradiso, Roberta’s and Mah Ze Dahr (when it is available) make good ones too. Another one to add to the sticky bun list is Partybus Bakeshop, a small bakery in the Lower East Side that I discovered during the early days of NYC quarantine. Their yummy sticky bun reminds me the most of the Cinnabon roll of my youth in that the roll is soft and doughy, but it’s topped with a maple glaze, not frosting. I noticed that Partybus Bakeshop posts several of their baked good recipes on their Instagram. Of course the image of the sticky buns with all the cinnamon swirls caught my eye and I had to make them this week.

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