4 Days in Switzerland

just your typical views on a swiss train ride

Thinking about planning a getaway to Switzerland? If you are, get ready for lots of scenic train rides of picturesque mountain villages and lovely cows. Switzerland really does live up to its image of quaint country living that you might recall seeing in Ricola ads or old Heidi picturebooks. But you can only handle bucolic beauty for so long, what if you want more of an urban scene? You might’ve heard that the big Swiss cities are boring and mainly for banking, but that’s not true. Zurich in particular is highly underrated and has the artisanal food shops, clothing boutiques and farm-to-table restaurants that are necessary for any top-tier city.Read More

Isebähnli in Zurich

isebähnli restaurant

The restaurant Isebähnli is a real gem in a city that charges top dollar for what is essentially a plate of hash browns and roast meat. Tradition may define many of the restaurants in Zurich, but at Isebähnli, every day the menu starts fresh, depending on what’s available at the market and which cultures might be the sources of inspiration. The cozy, old school bistro setting might suggest you’re getting more of the same, but what comes out of the kitchen is quite unexpected and very rewarding. It’s made an impression on a lot of people, including Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park, who recommended Isebähnli in a WSJ guide to Zurich.Read More