The Nomad at Lunch

I love three day weekends. I don’t know why we don’t just do away with the 5 day week, that one extra day makes us so much better off. I know what I would do with that day. I would take advantage of the lunch specials at some of the city’s best restaurants and enjoy an especially fabulous and leisurely midday meal at a fraction of the price.

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bread with garlic, scallions and fingerling potatoes
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day drinking

This is essentially how I spent my Labor Day holiday. Ruoxi and I made reservations at The Nomad, home to the $84 chicken for two, and treated ourselves to the $29 lunch menu. The $29 gets you an appetizer and an entree, and there are a lot of options on the menu, ranging from the light and seasonal to the crowd pleasing hearty favorites. Depending on what you choose, you could have a very dainty and refined meal, or a very filling one.

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tomato salad with summer greens and burrata

I was certainly going down the dainty route, starting off my meal with a delicious and seasonal tomato and burrata salad, while Ruoxi chose the lasagnettes. The tomatoes were so juicy and sweet, and the small ball of burrata cheese was by far the creamiest and most luscious that I’ve ever had. The bitter summery greens laced the salad with an edge so that it wouldn’t be just another pretty, pleasant plate.

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lasagnette with eggplant, tomato and parmesan

The lasagnettes, on the other hand, tasted exactly as you’d expect, lasagna in miniature form. The small pieces of cheese and eggplant filled ravioli in a rich tomato sauce were everything you could dream of.

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chicken burger with foie gras, black truffle mayonnaise with pickles and fries
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the best fries

The most popular item by far was the chicken burger, a gut bomb fit for a king, filled with only the finest of ingredients that might induce gout in the process.┬áIt looked a little small at first, something in between a regular sized burger and a slider, but after two or three bites I had to take a break. No matter how full you say you are, you’ll always have room for the side of fries that come with it. These shoestring beauties are the best. They may also be the most expensive, but they are worth every penny.

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butter-poached lobster with corn, peppers and arugula

If you want all the opulence with only some of the guilt, I would recommend the poached butter lobster. The lobster tasted very clean and pristine, as if it had just emerged from the water, and you could tell that the choicest parts of the lobster, specifically the hard to get and highly prized knuckle and tail meat, were used.

With all those fries and bread, dessert was out of the question. Sure, it was my day off, but living a life of leisure requires some energy, namely walking slowly to nearby boutiques and coffee shops, and maybe a subway station or two if you’re feeling especially ambitious. Living the good life requires a little bit of work, but I sure wish it were my day job.

The NoMad
1170 Broadway (between 27th and 28th St)
New York, NY 10001
(212) 796-1500