The Old Boys’ Club at The Polo Bar

Polo Bar - menu

If there were ever to be an actual physical address of the old boys’ club, it would be The Polo Bar in Midtown East. It has that high-end country club look down to a tee, from the dark wood paneling to the classic, all-American fare and of course the people.¬†This is probably the least diverse crowd you will ever come across, the type who aspires to go to the Ivy League, get an investment banking job, send the kids to prep¬†school and own a house in Greenwich, CT. In fact, we spotted a very senior private equity professional that very day at dinner with his wife. I guess there is a market for American nostalgia, for a time when people had breakfast at Tiffany’s and affairs to remember, because Woody Allen is still making movies and this place is still packed a year after its opening.Read More