Trader Joe’s Ube Mochi Pancakes Review

I went to Trader Joe’s recently with the mindset of stocking up on only pantry staples–milk, cheese, bread, avocados, nothing else–but then I came across a non-essential pancake mix that was anything but. I’m talking about the new Trader Joe’s ube mochi pancake mix. When my eyes met its cheery purple polka dotted packaging, I had to learn more. Then I moved closer, and it had me at the words “ube mochi”. Into the cart it went. How exciting is it to have a pancake mix with Asian flavors in it? You don’t normally see ube, a purple yam varietal common in the Philippines, and mochi, which is sticky rice dough used in Japanese sweets, in the ingredient list of anything, ever! So in it went, becoming my next day breakfast project.

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